The new carpet in the kitchen

June 15, 2021 0 Comments

New Scientist article A carpet installation at a boarding house in Berkshire has attracted the attention of carpetbaggers who are now threatening to boycott the project.

A spokeswoman for the charity Homebase said the company would not be providing carpets for its accommodation until the issue had been resolved. 

“We would be happy to discuss the project with the board if the project had not been shut down,” she said.

“We are concerned that the carpet was being used to cover the kitchen, and this is not in line with our standards.”

The organisation would also welcome the opportunity to discuss alternative options with the Board.

“She said the organisation had been unable to find a suitable suitable home for the carpetbagger-led project.”

Given that this is a residential project, it is not likely that this would have been appropriate for a private individual to be occupying an entire house,” she added.

The charity’s chief executive, Michael Bowers, said it was not clear how the project was being managed and the board was not being “totally honest” about the decision.”

They are completely ignoring all of the issues raised by the Board and not even looking at the project for the last 12 months.””

It’s clear that the project has been hijacked by a small group of carpet baggers.”

They are completely ignoring all of the issues raised by the Board and not even looking at the project for the last 12 months.

“Mr Bowers said the carpet would be installed at the boarding house’s guesthouse.

The project was originally proposed in 2014 and was intended to raise money for the local homeless charity.

But the charity had been struggling to find homes for the homeless and it now appears the project may have been put on hold indefinitely.

Homebase said it would not provide any carpets to the project and that it had no plans to replace the carpet.”

Unfortunately we can’t offer any carpet bagging services to the boarding houses,” a spokeswoman said.

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