When it comes to cleaning, carpet cleaners and cleaners of carpet can do more than clean. They can also be more than just a nice addition to your home, a new study finds

June 19, 2021 0 Comments

By Caroline CunhaThe paper, “Carpet cleaners and cleansers of carpet: How they can help your home become more healthy” was written by academics at the University of Toronto, and has been published online.

Researchers say the study shows carpet cleaners can be more efficient than their traditional counterparts, with carpet cleaner efficiency in particular increasing by 25 per cent.

Carbon cleaning methods include: using air cleaners and/or steam cleaners to break down the surface of carpet to break it down into particles for disposal, such as composting or composting soil, or cleaning dry carpet in a vacuum.

They also use chemicals to break up the particles in a process called gas chromatography.

This gas chromatographic method breaks up particles in different ways, such that a single layer of carpet particles can be broken down into smaller particles, and the smaller particles can then be cleaned up by other methods.

The study also showed carpet cleaners in general could help reduce the health impact of pollution, with the majority of their effectiveness coming from their cleaning ability to remove toxins.

It’s important to note that all carpet cleaners have the potential to damage carpet and its environment, and to cause respiratory problems, such dust, so it’s important that they are used in accordance with local regulations.

Researchers hope their study will help inform the design of further research on the effects of carpet cleaners on health.

The findings are based on an analysis of data from a large-scale, longitudinal study, and will be published in the journal Health and Environment Research.

It was conducted in the spring of 2018.

The authors said their findings could help inform further research into carpet cleaners.

“Carpets are a natural product of our home environment, so they are naturally part of the fabric of our homes,” said lead author Dr Ramin Bishkek, from the University Health Network, and lead author of the study.

“We also need to look at their health impacts in terms of the health impacts on health and environment.”

Our results show that carpet cleaners are more efficient at removing dust particles from the carpet and are more effective in removing bacteria from the carpets.

“It was also found that the carpet cleaner was more effective than the cleaners of dry carpets.”

There was some variability in the results of cleaning of the dry carpet and carpet cleaner.

The dry carpet cleaner had an improvement in cleaning efficiency, but the carpet cleaners were more effective at cleaning of carpet dust,” Dr Bishk said.”

The results are consistent with other studies that have looked at the effects on dust and bacteria.

“He said the study also suggested that carpet cleaning is not the only method that could be a good alternative to carpet cleaning.”

Some of these cleaners are also known to be useful for treating mildew and mildew-like problems such as mildew on the carpet, and these cleaners also have other uses for the carpet as well.

“If you are considering using carpet cleaners as a means to reduce the amount of dust that is airborne, and you have a dry carpet and want to improve your carpet, then we suggest the dry carpet cleaners be used as part of your carpet cleaning,” he said.

Dr Bishkel said carpet cleaners had the potential of reducing the health and environmental impact of indoor pollution by reducing dust, which was a significant environmental health problem in many areas.

“A large amount of research is currently looking at the health effects of indoor air pollution and this study shows that carpet cleaner is a potentially useful tool in reducing this problem,” he added.

“It is a safe, environmentally-friendly and effective method of cleaning carpets and is a natural way to remove dust from carpet.”

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