New carpet cleaning service in South Florida says it uses carpet cleaners

July 6, 2021 0 Comments

LOS ANGELES — The carpet cleaning services at carpet cleaning company Lowes are calling the state of Florida’s carpet cleaning regulations outdated.

Lowes’ state of the art carpet cleaning products are used in about 30% of all carpet cleaning operations in the state.

According to Lowes’ website, the company uses only carpet cleaners, dusters, and abrasives.

“We want to be clear that we don’t use any chemicals, such as bleach, to clean our carpet,” Lowes spokeswoman Rebecca Henn said.

“Our carpet cleaners do not bleach or sterilize our carpet.

Our carpet cleaners only use our carpet cleaning technology to remove the carpet from the carpeting.”

Henn said that since the state passed new carpet regulations in 2018, Lowes has experienced “significant turnover” of its carpet cleaning business.

Since the new carpet laws went into effect in October, Lowers carpet cleaning customers have been instructed to clean their carpet in a “durable, natural, and environmentally friendly manner.”

According the website, Lowess carpet cleaning solutions are “highly rated by both our customers and industry experts” for their cleanliness, durability and comfort.

The company’s new carpet cleaning product is a brand new carpet cleaner with a “cleaner” label, Henn added.

Lowes is not the only carpet cleaning and cleaning service to experience issues with its new carpet carpet cleaning laws.

Lowe has said that the company is not responsible for the carpet cleaning requirements of Florida.

Lowell has also said that carpet cleaning in the South Florida area is the “lowest priority.”

The carpet company has not responded to multiple calls from ABC News seeking comment.

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