New ‘stark’ carpet cleaner to be launched in Sydney’s CBD

August 8, 2021 0 Comments

New carpet cleaner called ‘stardust’ could be launched by the Sydney CBD in a bid to combat litter in the city’s parks.

Key points:The carpet cleaning service will operate in parks across the cityPlastic carpet cleaner will be priced at $2 per hour to deter litteringSource: ABC News | Video: Sydney City CouncilPlastic Cleaning will be available in Sydney Parkland from May to November.

Its an attempt by the City of Sydney to deter the spread of plastic waste in the parks.

“It’s a way to take people’s waste out of parks and into the streets,” Mayor Clover Moore said.

“I think it’s a really big step forward for parks in terms of how they’re going to address plastic waste and litter.”

The service will offer two cleaning services per day.

The price will be $2 to deter a person who is taking up to 10 items out of the park, while another $1 to deter an adult.

The service is set to begin in parks in April, with the City planning to expand the service to parks in the CBD.

The company, which has already operated in Melbourne, will not only be operating in Sydney, but in some parks as well.

It is also launching a range of cleaners in other cities.

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