How to make your couch look like a carpet

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A few weeks ago, a couple of my co-workers and I took a break from work to visit our friend and former coworker’s apartment.

It was about a mile away, but we needed to get out and have a look. 

We drove around the block, but a few minutes after we arrived, a security guard told us that the apartment had been vandalized. 

The next day, when we walked into our neighborhood, we were surprised to find that there was still a few posters of the original “The Matrix” posters up on the street. 

At first, we thought it was a joke, but it turns out that we were in for a shock. 

A few weeks earlier, a group of protesters from the group Anonymous (also known as LulzSec) broke into the apartment of my coworker, claiming that he had leaked confidential documents to an unnamed news site. 

When I confronted the protesters, I was surprised to learn that the site they had broken into was not a legitimate news outlet. 

I later learned that the news outlet had been the Anonymous group, who had been targeting my colleague’s home for several weeks to take over his computer and access to files and documents. 

That revelation prompted me to create a new password for my office: “WTF” (which stands for What The Fuck). 

A lot of people thought it would be funny to use a different password for this specific occasion, so I decided to make one myself.

I used a combination of letters and numbers to create my new password, and I decided that this would be a good time to introduce myself. 

My first question to my coworkers was, “So, are you an Anonymous member?” 

They all chuckled and replied with a “No.” 

My second question was, how would you get a password? 

I replied with, “The easiest way to get a new employee’s password is to send them a message asking them to fill out a form, which they will then use to log into your computer and give you a new one.” 

The third question was for me: “How do I get your email address?” 

The four of us decided to share a message on social media.

We shared a screenshot of the message and the form we would need to fill in for our new password. 

One of my coworkers responded by saying, “I’ve got a job at the news site!” 

The rest of us were still laughing, but the sentiment was getting a little bit more serious. 

Then, my coworkor came over and explained to me that he was also an Anonymous user. 

He was concerned that he would get his email address stolen by Anonymous and sent me a screenshot showing a link that would let him log in. 

On that same day, my former co-worker was also caught up in the drama.

He had posted an article about my coworkee on Twitter. 

As soon as I read the article, I realized that I had accidentally gotten my email address wrong, and it was now in the hands of a group called the Lulz Security Group. 

This group was targeting my home, and they were attempting to take control of my computer. 

After a brief scuffle, the Lamps decided to call it quits and return to their office, which had been ransacked by the group. 

While I was out of the house, I asked my co, who was at the office, to check the internet to see if there were any reports of Anonymous being responsible for the incident. 

In the meantime, I decided I would use a new form to ask for my password.

I filled out a new document, which I would fill out with my new login details, and sent it to my office. 

“WTF is this?”

I asked. 

No response. 

It was a little unnerving to realize that my office, home, computer, and everything that was important to me had been targeted by Anonymous. 

Finally, after a long day at work, I finally got a response.

It wasn’t the usual email response I usually get from the company that owns my email account, so when I read it, I wasn’t sure what to think. 

Unfortunately, it turned out that the Lamp had sent me the wrong email address. 

Apparently, my email had been misconfigured, and the email address associated with my email was incorrect. 

Thankfully, I had set my new email address to the email associated with the correct email address, and this allowed me to get my email back. 

Shortly after, I received an email from the Locksmith, confirming that they had taken control of the office and were going to send a SWAT team to take down the LAMP. 

But that wasn’t all. 

Hours later, I found myself on the front lines of a new kind of attack against my workplace. 

Two days later, Locks arrived and took over my office and my computer for a few hours

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