Dems push Trump to release GOP tax returns

The president of the Democratic National Committee has called for the president-elect to release his tax returns, after Trump refused to do so when asked by the media last week.

“The president-delegate and the president of our party have come together to demand the return of President-elect Trump’s tax returns.

If he refuses, we will continue to press the president on his refusal to release them,” DNC chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said in a statement.

“The American people deserve to know if he’s hiding behind a wall of secrecy.

If not, it’s time for the American people to demand he release his taxes.”

On Thursday, Trump announced that he would release his returns and the Associated Press released a video of the president saying he would.

Trump has refused to release tax returns since he was sworn in, but he has insisted that he has not paid any taxes.

He has also repeatedly denied having any debt or liabilities, including debts from his business, which is still registered in the name of the Trump Organization.

On Wednesday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said that the president would not release his financial disclosure form because of the “very important issue of the press freedoms.”

“The press freedoms are the most important thing that we have going in Washington,” Spicer said.

“I’m not going to release any information that’s going to cause a distraction for the press.

That’s not the role of the presidency.”

Trump’s transition team did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, on Thursday said that she is confident that the Trump campaign will release all of its tax returns by Friday, after Spicer told reporters that the transition team would be releasing them on Friday.

“We will make all of the tax returns available to the American public on Friday,” Conway said on Fox News.

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