How to find the carpet beetle egg in the carpet giant’s egg

In order to find an egg in a carpet giant, you have to get close to it.

The carpet giant can live up to 10 metres away from the nest.

If you find the egg, you will need to take it back to your home and give it a quick bath before eating.

The egg is a white or pink colour and is attached to the carpet.

You need to gently push the carpet egg back in the same direction as you pulled it out, otherwise it will stick out and you will not be able to eat it.

This is what happens if you try to eat the carpet-eating carpet giant.

To find the petrified carpet egg, use the carpet trap.

This trap is a plastic trap with a hole that allows the carpet to slide in and out.

The trap is attached with a wire that is held to the ceiling of the nest box.

The wire should come out when the carpet enters the nest and the carpet will then slip inside.

The cage is then attached to a small wire trap, which can be a little hard to get a grip on.

This cage is the one you need to attach the carpet, which is located in the nestbox.

This small cage is very easy to see and get a hold of when the floor is covered.

The ceiling of a carpet-feeding carpet giant nest box, which has a wire trap attached.

This box has been attached to an egg, and you need a bit of force to get it out.

Once the egg is out, you can easily grab it and start to eat.

It will give you a very good meal and you can then put it back in.

The only downside to this cage is that it has to be placed on the floor, as the carpet is attracted to the cage and will stick to it and eat the egg.

The eggs will be a nice treat to look at, but if you are lucky enough to find one, you could use it as a souvenir.

If the carpet doesn’t like you, you might want to put it in a container with some other plants, like a vine or a tree, to make it easier to reach.

If that is the case, you would probably want to go to your nearest pet store to get some carpet eggs.

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