Which items should you buy in your home to keep it safe?

The carpet beetle rash outbreak has left many Canadians in a quandary.

But they’re being urged to get rid of more expensive items they can afford to buy, including cheap carpet tile, which is commonly found in home decor and is often used to make bedding and other home décor.

The outbreak is spreading across Canada, with Ontario reporting the highest number of cases.

The Ontario Cooperative Extension said it had identified more than 200 homes where carpets are in a critical condition, and more than 300 where carpet beetle larvae are spreading.

“We’re seeing the numbers of carpets that have been affected, as well as carpet beetle larvae, really spike at the same time,” said Jessica DePoe, the organization’s president.

More than half of the homes that have carpet beetle problems have no flooring at all.

DePoe said she has noticed carpet beetle eggs on carpets in a number of homes.

“They’re the most common and most contagious, so if you don’t have carpet tiles and don’t know what they are, you should be very careful,” she said.

DeePoe says carpet beetles can be found in the carpet beetle subspecies and can be a threat to carpets if they’re left untreated.

There are some tips on how to keep your home safe.

“I would say look at your carpet and see if it has any signs of carpet beetle.

If it does, it’s probably infected, so don’t wash it,” she explained.”

If it doesn’t have signs of carp, then you might want to try cleaning it with something like a carpet scrub, and if you’ve had carpet beetle damage, then perhaps it’s time to get it out.”

A Canadian carpettist says carpet beetle is spreading in a home near his.

(CBC News)DePOE says carpet tiles are a common part of homes, so it’s important to clean and sanitize them.

She also advises those who have carpets to wash them daily with detergent and water.

“There’s not a lot of time to try to get the carpets out, so a lot less people are doing that, and it’s very important to make sure they’re sanitized,” she added.

The Ontario Department of Health says there are more than 2,500 carpet beetle cases in Ontario.

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