‘I’m the worst’: Trump blames Obama for carpet collapse

President Donald Trump blames President Barack Obama for a major carpet collapse that took place in the White House in Washington, D.C., last week, saying that the president “didn’t know

How to make your own carpet deodorant

I’ve spent the last couple of months crafting a custom-made deodorizing carpet for my apartment, which has become my go-to place to put on some extra personal touch.This carpet is

What a Red Carpet Background Does for Your Home’s Red Carpets

There’s a new carpet in your living room, and it’s a carpet that does two things for you: It’s more durable, it’s more comfortable and it makes the carpets feel

How to use the carpet to make your own carpet roses

A couple of years ago, I was reading about a company that wanted to use carpet to grow roses.They needed to be able to sell their roses at an affordable

Which carpet is the best for your home?

What’s the best rug for a room?A new study by a team of experts says the answer is not the carpet, but rather a texture.The researchers used the U.S. Department

You can now order a carpet cleaner from Google News – or not!

The carpeting company has launched an online store, Google News, where users can order a cleaner from the UK company and order a flat screen TV, as well as an

How carpet can save your dog’s life

By now you’ve probably heard of carpet weavers, which are a very popular pet grooming and maintenance service.They’re a lot like other people, except they have a very different name.Dogs

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Am Not Going To Go to a Blue Collar Party

The top ten reasons I am not going to go to a blue collar party are: 1.It’s too expensive.2.It will be boring.3.It might not be worth it. 4.There are too

Brown carpet cleaner can do the job for you

If you don’t have a fancy carpet cleaner, you can still make your home a bit more livable.Brown carpet cleaners are a popular option because they can help make your

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