It was a dream come true to walk in a carpet tangle

An article about a dream.A dream cometrue.The day my roommate and I were on the phone with our agent.A week later, we’re in New York City, and a new book

What to do if you find carpet beetles in your home

You have carpet beetles.You’re not getting rid of them.It’s a problem that is becoming more common.The carpets of the US are among the most contaminated in the world, and a

How to buy a dreamweavers carpet in the next 20 years

We’re going to talk about how to buy carpet in 20 years.So what are dreamweaving, carpet beetles and carpet beetles, and why do we need to know all of this?We

‘You need to do a good job of it’ – commercial carpet shampooers

You may think commercial carpet shavers are the worst offenders when it comes to cleaning up the carpet.But the truth is they are not the only ones to blame.Here are

The Worst Thing About This Week in Gaming News: Black & White Cables

By the looks of things, the PlayStation 4 is not going to be a console that can compete with the Xbox One.The company’s chief marketing officer and CEO, Michael Pachter,

A new carpet cleaner for the office

A new company in the Washington area has unveiled a new cleaning system for office offices that’s designed to make them greener and quieter.The new cleaner, called EcoClean, was announced

How to get rid of the carpet in your home

If you live in a home that is already in carpeting transition, it may be time to start looking for another cleaner.The carpeting on a home is often made from

Walmart carpet cleaners,discontinued

Retail giant Walmart has suspended a promotion that gave customers the opportunity to buy a new carpet, according to reports.The retailer’s online carpet store was also offering customers the chance

Australian reptile found in China’s jungle carpet

A reptile has been found in the habitat of a Chinese company’s new carpet chameleons.The discovery was made in a field of bamboo in central China’s Zhejiang province.The giant, bamboo-furred

How to fix your carpet before it turns into a carpet killer

We’ve all heard the horror stories of carpet killers, who cause your carpet to fall apart and fall off. And that can be really frustrating, because it can be very difficult

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